Garage is part of our home that is first seen when we leave or return from work, travel or leisure. Making some important decisions for our garage door is somehow a daunting and tricky process as there are various types and make of garage doors available, along with different options we see online regarding garage door installation, garage openers and garage repairs. In this article, we will learn more about garage doors to better assist you in your decision-making for you to have the right garage door options suited for your garage needs. 

There are three different types of garage door openers that you can choose from when you're in the process of garage door installation, it include the chain drive, belt drive and screw drive garage door openers. In garage installation, the most common type of garage door used is the chain drive. As its name implies, a chain drive uses  a chain for pulling or pushing a trolley that is used to move your door up and down. The most affordable and reliable garage door opener from is the chain drive, though can be a little bit noisy but suits a  detachable type of garage. 

A belt drive uses a belt for moving garage doors, are much quieter as compared to chain openers, and are suited for attached garages, but a bit more expensive. Screw drive is a type of garage door opener that rotates a threaded steel rod for moving the trolley, opening and closing the door. Screw drives have lesser components than the other garage door types, resulting in less maintenance in its lifetime. Getting the best garage opener for your garage door is an important portion of garage installation details,  but it's just a part of it because you have to ensure that proper installation is done in a proper and safe manner. It is important to ensure the proper installation and testing of your garage sensor because any invisible beam that is casts across your garage doorway will prevent your garage door from closing on anything that breaks its pathway. You need to also ensure a proper testing of  manual release of your garage opener as well as the battery back up, to best assist you in opening the garage door when your power is out or it its motor is not functioning  or stops working. 


Never install your garage opener without the proper tools you need at hand. It is important to follow  all instructions and contact a Durham Garage Door Installation expert if you need assistance. The most common problems of garage doors include the garage door opens or closes with a thud, door coming off its hinges, the door sometimes does not open, a door suddenly goes back up while closing the door, and power outage. Experts recommend to always keep a contact information of a trusted, experienced and reliable garage door solutions company so you are ready to resolve these issues anytime.